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“Alexander D'O” – the manufacturer of unique luxury luxury “handmade. We offer to your attention an exclusive collection of glasses from the horn of the buffalo, in which each pair has its own style. If you are looking for something original and really worthwhile, then “Alexander D'O” is what you need! Our catalog presents the most unusual models that can emphasize your personality.

Alexander D'O
Alexander D'O

Unique “Alexander D'O” glasses are guaranteed to be your hallmark. The uniqueness of our products also lies in the material from which the frames are made. The buffalo horn is amazingly light and durable, and besides it’s natural and hypoallergenic, that’s why it’s much superior to plastic and metal counterparts. Points «Alexander D'O» perfectly suit brave and luxury-loving people! Stay ahead of time and dictate your fashion rules with “Alexander D'O”!