“Alexander DO” Glasses Shop

Changeless accessories – a bow tie and exclusive glasses – form the image of the most stylish Russian lawyer and designer, Alexander D'Obrovinsky. He has a lot of them in his wardrobe! Knowing that the personality style is expressed in details and elegant accessories, Dobrovinsky decided to create his own personal brand of elite frames for Alexander glasses from the unique noble material – the buffalo horn.

Feeling excellent being the center of attention of others, designer takes inspiration to create accessories of the most bold forms, combining various styles and trends. Thus, the glasses have incorporated the characteristics of unusual and modern futurism, while remaining true to the eternal classics. Vintage fashion also has found its embodiment in the collection, gaining popularity again. The colors that the designer works with are based on the natural color of the buffalo horn: it has a palette ranging from deep coal-black to white with a shimmering silver hue, from dark chocolate to flesh-colored. The horn of a buffalo naturally can have both a noble marble and elegant texture in the form of strokes and streaks. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the interesting design, but also by the quality, because the material is very strong, which guarantees durability. In addition, the horn frame is very light and feels almost weightless in the process of wearing, which will give you maximum comfort. Also the uniqueness of the products should be noticed, because this is a manual labor.

Where can I buy the “Alexander D'O” luxury spectacle frames?

Take the opportunity to buy branded glasses in the company’s boutique, where you can try on and match the shape of the frame that best suits your facial features, in accordance with your style of dressing. Company stores are located in Moscow and Kiev. You can also order optics through the official website of the company. Delivery of goods is free within 30 days in any corner of the world. Show your originality and soleness, surrounding yourself with expensive, worthy of your attention accessories.