In the context of modern fashion, this exclusive eyewear frame became topical. This model is confirmed by the model “D’O-D’O” from the new collection of spectacle frames from the creative designer Alexander D'Obrovinsky. Glasses are made from the buffalo horn and it guarantee you comfort, because the material is very light and almost do not feel on the face, also it does not cause allergic reactions and has high strength. The D’O-D’O model is truly piece of art. Its feature is a semi-frame, equipped with a unique frame, the upper part of which is carved in the form of brows. A stylish modern shape will not leave you without attention. On the polished black horn, the glare, the white engraved Alexander DO logo, glows spectacularly, emphasizing the shape of the top bars. The temples are attached directly to the lens with the help of hinges. The Alexander D'O design glasses store is located in Moscow where you can see the unique collection of frames and make a worthy choice, you can also order glasses in our website.

Additional information


Buffalo's horn

Standard sizes

135-155х35-55 mm, individual sizes under an order

Package Includes

Box for glasses, Eyeglasses shawl