When we were creating design glasses INFINITY, from design house Alexander DO we would like to create futuristic design. Futurism is a new and creative style, which includes future elements with the past view. The basic of frame is a classical, narrow, rectangular form, which differs from the past analogs by brave design decision. The frame doesn`t close upper and down verges opposite lenses, which make the accessory looks brave and daring. The mix of massive lines and dark buffalo horn makes the accessory looks strict and serious. Designers didn`t make a standard choice of material, the frame is made from buffalo horn. It is strong native material, which is light and doesn`t provoke allergic reactions. Massive top bars are attached to the rims by hinges. White logo looks laconically on the bigger part of the top bar. It`s important not just to follow fashion, but to feel it. When you are choosing the frame INFINITY, you are going to feel yourself in the center of modern trends. You can easily order the frame in the Alexander DO website or buy it in the Alexander D'Obrovinskiy`s brand boutique.

Additional information


Buffalo's horn

Standard sizes

135-155х35-55 mm, individual sizes under an order

Package Includes

Box for glasses, Eyeglasses shawl