Lawyer’s view




Iconic model sci-fi got a new and unbelievable character in author`s interpretation from Alexander D'Obrovinskiy. Futuristic model LAWYER’S VIEW has become unforgettable and unique example in the collection of frames from buffalo horn from Alexander D'Obrovinskiy. It combines extravagance and restraint, worthy of true intellectuals. The frame is decorated upper side of lenses, bridge and upper side of lenses, making the whole line. Massive top bars are making the effect of whole construction, that are added to rims with the use of hinges. Engraved logo of the company is decorated on the upper side of the top bar. Glasses from buffalo horn is very strong, by the same time it`s very light and suitable to wear. Palette of colors combines from dark brown to bright beige. Such accessory will make you more influence person, underline your confidence and serious of intention. You have a great possibility to buy exclusive, man glasses LAWYER’S VIEW from Alexander D'Obrovinskiy in our cozy, design boutique. Also you can easily order the frame in the website Alexander DO.

Additional information


Buffalo's horn

Standard sizes

135-155х35-55 mm, individual sizes under an order

Package Includes

Box for glasses, Eyeglasses shawl