Futuristic, extraordinary, stylish glasses Rocky from our designer Alexander D'Obrovinskiy will bloom your mind. Thin, rectangular, strict glasses are charming and mysterious. It`s unusual to see brow liners in untypical geometric form. Minimalistic rectangular glasses are decorated semi-shell massive frame, which effectively underline brows line. In order to avoid congestion of the composition, designers had left down sides of the lens without the frame. This model will underline round and triangle faces. Glasses from the buffalo horn are hypoallergenic and very strong. You won`t take it off. Massive hinges create a small space between the frame and the temples, which gives the frame lightness. Exclusive frame for the glasses Rocky will underline you сharisma and individuality. You can buy brand glasses from Alexander D'Obrovinskiy in our brand store or order it on the website Alexander D'O.

Additional information


Buffalo's horn

Standard sizes

135-155х35-55 mm, individual sizes under an order

Package Includes

Box for glasses, Eyeglasses shawl