Glasses “cat eye” are very popular among fashion accessories. The accent, thin corners of the frame make features of the face more expressive and can underline special spark in your eyes. In the unique collection of frames from the designer Alexander D'Obrovinskiy, vintage «cat eye” glasses looks new and attractive. Effective model “Space” proved it, the frame is made from unique and natural material – buffalo horn. Massive frame, which is made from black horn, underline lightly lengthened lenses, continuing to laconic temples, with the white logo of Alexander D'O company. Soft, light stains and pearl points make the model “Space” magical and space. Such exclusive frame for glasses doesn`t fix with extra massive accessories, because it is very bright and self-sufficiency accessory. Full collection you can look in our website Alexander D'O, or you can buy glasses by Alexander D'Obrovinskiy in brand boutique in Moscow.

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Box for glasses, Buffalo's horn, Eyeglasses shawl