«STRADIVARI» Light, thin and refined frame for glasses STRADIVARI from the design house Alexander D'O — it is not just a frame, it`s hand-made jewelry accessory done by our masters. Extraordinary glasses STRADIVARI will end the look of stylish and extraordinary person. The name of the glasses says by itself, the model is famous because of it fine carving in the form of fine interweaving around oval lenses. The airy and thin frame is made from a light and pleasant buffalo horn, which is very strong material. Top bars are equipped with a simple very concise ornamentation. Black buffalo horn will underline accessory on the background of the face and make the look more expressive. You can buy extraordinary glasses from Alexander D'Obrovinskiy in our brand store or order it on the website. With Alexander D'Obrovinskiy you have the opportunity not just follow the fashion but become the integral part of the moving.

Additional information


Buffalo's horn

Standard sizes

135-155х35-55 mm, individual sizes under an order

Package Includes

Box for glasses, Eyeglasses shawl